Reasons for joining ACN (American Communications Network)

October 20, 2018
There are a lot of multi-level marketing (MLM) companies out there. Most of them are in the health and wellness industry. Others are in the beauty business. If you are planning to join an MLM business, then make sure you do a thorough research. Not all MLM business is worth joining. There are MLM businesses that operate to make money from you and not the other way around. Some companies present themselves as MLM business when in fact, they are a pyramiding scheme.

Differentiating between multi-level marketing and pyramiding can be quite difficult, especially if you are new in the business. What sets a legit MLM from a pyramiding business is that MLM has legit products and services. Recruitment is a part of the process but the main income comes from product marketing and not from recruitment. On the other hand, a pyramiding business makes money out of recruitment. For you to make money, you need to recruit people and your income comes from the people you recruited. If the company presents itself as an MLM business but there is no legitimate product or service, then stay away from such a company as it is highly likely a pyramiding scheme.

One of the highly reputable MLM businesses today that you should consider joining is ACN Inc. The American Communications Network, popularly known as ACN Inc. is the direct provider of telecommunications products and services. It operates using the multi-level marketing concept and one of the longest-running MLM business in the world.

Below are some of the reasons why should you consider joining ACN.
  • It’s been in the business for over two decades – ACN is one of the longest-running MLM companies in the world. It was just a small company in 1993 but through hard work and commitment to deliver only the best to its target market, ACN has grown bigger and bigger with time. It is now 2018 and ACN continues to be relevant in the business.
  • It provides high-quality products and services – What ACN offers is considered as modern necessities. It is the direct provider of telecommunications products and services such as local and long distance telephone service, wireless connection, satellite television, home security, energy, electricity, and automation, to name a few. In fact, it has partnered with the top names in the industry such as AT&T, Dish Network, and DirecTV.
  • It offers a competitive compensation plan – ACN makes sure that its independent business owners are well-compensated. It offers a competitive compensation plan. For every product and service successfully sold to clients, the IBO receives a commission. The same thing goes if you sponsor new independent business owners. You will also receive bonuses every time you reach your target quota.